• Analeigh A.

    It’s been amazing to have the support of the BHM team! Kirsti has always been very polite, considerate of goals and passion about creating a healthy life for everyone. I really value her input as it’s made a massive positive impact on my life. Lately I’ve been challenged with things happening in my life; Kirsti has been very supportive and hasn’t pushed while I’ve been coping with things externally from fitness. I’m very appreciative. Thank you.

    My knowledge of nutrition has dramatically improved and I’m feeling a lot more positive about myself. I’m more focused on functionality of movements rather than appearance now. I attribute this change in mind to the work the BHM has provided to me.

  • Steph S. ♡

    Since the beginning, Kirsti has been so friendly, informative and approachable. I felt comfortable right from the start and knew I'd made the right decision.

    After my car accident, I was very limited with what I could do and Kirsti designed a program specifically for me. She listened to what I like and dislike about training, how long I like to train for and how often.

    So often I'd prioritise my social life and leave my training for "another day" and that day never comes. Over the last few months, I've seen a shift where I now plan my days around training. This is huge for me and I've got BHM to thank for that.

    With BHM, training has become my priority and something I enjoy.

    I feel stronger, happier and more confident with BHM.

  • Hannah C. ♡

    Kirsti and the BHM team have great knowledge around nutrition and training for shiftworkers this has helped me with my personal nutrition and training goals. The training plans are made for the goals that I have set and the team are always happy to answer any questions and assist with technique videos when needed.

    Even though the coaching is online you still feel a part of a community one of my favourite parts is the weekly group zoom coaching calls!

    Kirsti has a real knack in asking questions to make you really think about the steps involved in achieving goals.

    The learning modules online are always available and easy to refer back to. These learning modules are delivered in a way in which is easy to understand and apply to your daily life.

  • Emily M. ♡

    Before BHM, I struggled with lack of direction for myself physically and nutrionally. Eating lots of processed foods, eating until I was sick, binge eating and emotionally eating. Alot of pressure on myself to hit certain targets, look a certain way.

    I think without even noticing we put this insane amount of pressure on ourselves. I know being 23 years old and the generation of instagram and tiktok I feel there are specific expectations I need to meet in life right now. I need to be "That Girl". Have a killer morning routine. Eat lots of salad. Train everyday. Have the current "trending physique". And all of these expectations we feel are absolutely exhausting! So many of us have tried to just wake up one day and do all 50 of the beautiful morning routine things we see on social media, or the workouts or the meal plans and we end up flopping on it within a few days.

    I started with Kirsti initially because I wanted to join the Police and I knew she had already been there, done that and I trusted her guidance for me at this time. (Mind you, I freaking smashed all aspects so we achieved our desired goal there). But whilst working with Kirsti I didn't expect to receive the abundance of knowledge and wisdom that she shares with us. The education that is given from nutrition and exercise to sleep hygiene and mindfullness is amazing! She teaches you why you can sometimes flop when attempting a new routine and how to make consistent and healthy habits and routines!

    I also don't just eat whatever meal plans I see online or do the workouts given. I actually understand my workouts and why! I understand the aspects of foods and macros and why and can come up with my own meals so I'm incorporating these! I feel like an adult 😂 I'm not just eating chicken tenders and shoestring fries. I am eating delicious balanced meals!

  • Gill L. ♡

    I think everything about myself had grown, increased my fitness in the gym, working around old injuries and strengthening weak points, creating better habits where I feel better with me sleeping and recovery. Nutrition has completely changed from the classic “eat high protein, lower fat and less carbs for fat loss” to understanding that it’s all important and reacts better with me body then I’d originally thought. Very attentive and supportive. The type of attitude that as a client you also want to succeed more because of the effort your coach is putting in.

    Definitely helped with creating a healthier relationship with food, increasing my knowledge of how good reacts and work in my body with reflection. Also changed the way I train and recover compared to the basic workouts that most people have access too.

    Kirsti always works every part of my body and pushes me to that next level. The exercises focus on different areas every day and they are well constructed and well explained. I particularly love seeing them while I am doing them. I feel thanks to Kirsti I can see my body changing and people are commenting on my arm definition and I feel I have so much more energy! I feel fantastic!

    I would definitely recommend Kirsti for so many reasons. Her listening to what you want to achieve and constructing an exercise regime that helps you get there. Her professionalism and knowledge and being so approachable makes you feel you she is definitely looking after you! She is amazing!

  • Tracy C. ♡

    I have learned to not beat myself up when I can’t exercise due to work commitments and when stress is too high. This had been big for me always being a gym / exercise person, so to allow myself that break has been a different challenge to be and accept what it is which is something I needed for myself.

    I don’t feel the pressure to be “all on” which only leads me to failure.

    Mindset would be the biggest change as I am recognising when I need to take time, understanding what’s important to me, and also having smaller achievable goals to work towards that still make me feel Like a step in the right direction no matter how small.

    I’d recommend you to anyone who mentions they want to have this as a lifestyle not a quick fix.

  • Madyie W. ♡

    BHM has helped me more then words can explain!

    My whole mindset has changed! I eat healthy and feel great I also make my own snacks that are healthy but can be a treat! I go to the gym almost every and I love it! Kirsti has helped my journey be so easy.

    You’d be silly not to join BHM and do something for yourself! If you want chance Kirsti is your gal.

  • Bree M. ♡

    Before starting I was concerned about how I’d go due to everything being online. Communication and doing workouts that I’d never done before

    The videos and video calls have been super helpful with getting the right form and making sure I am doing the exercises right.

    I find I feel so much more energetic and positive every morning after I complete a workout. I am able to cope with the day physically and mentally. Also my body changes have been significant and always great when people comment.

    Given my job is so demanding physically at times the workouts have certainly helped build up my endurance.

    Mentally I feel I am in a better place to deal with negative thoughts because I feel good about myself. I am more aware of what goes into my body, making sensible choices but still indulging in the naughty treats lol I now feel confident and happy with my body.

    This journey hasn’t just been about changing my weight and body image. Because of you, I have done things I wouldn’t normally do. I feel comfortable talking to you about anything and I have a complete different perspective when it comes to my health and body.

  • Steph M. ♡

    Becoming a client of Kirsti’s is one of the best things I could have done not only in terms of fitness, in terms of lifestyle. She makes me feel comfortable to explain what’s happening in my life, if I have slipped up with my training/nutrition and is always offering support.

    I feel I have learnt so much along my journey with the balanced health method. Something that sticks out would be around creating habits - how important and how simple it can be and the practical tips and tools Kirsti has provided have been so helpful.

    I can feel how genuine Kirsti is in wanting me to be my best self. Always offering support and I feel comfortable telling her anything.

    She is always creating helpful, educational content for us. I couldn’t recommend BHM more and am so grateful to be apart of the community :)