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Founder of the Balanced Health Method, Kirsti has a mission to revolutionise the way health & wellness is delivered for women.

Kirsti believes we must always look after ourselves, because when we operate at our best - we can show up better for the people and things we love. 

Kirsti loves to explore natural health methods, and she truly believes through her years of discovery - that we have all the tools within us to lead a balanced healthy life and part her mission is to help women rediscover their inner power within.

"There is nothing more rewarding than helping people feel happier, healthier, more confident and balanced. 

I live in the beautiful state of Queensland Australia with my husband, and two beautiful dogs. 

I love spending time with other loved ones - quality time is important for me."

Kirsti is a registered fitness professional with AusActive, a registered sports nutritionist and a Wim Hof Method Instructor.